The Fall/Winter Goeie Katoen Line Was Shown on Informative Papers

 - Feb 13, 2018
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Goeie Katoen, an unconventional menswear label, recently unveiled its Fall/Winter 2018 collection, with a lookbook that communicates some of the inspiration behind the different garments, and the amount of labor that goes into crafting them.

By displaying the designs on informative papers that include an array of notes, consumers have a greater appreciation for each look after understanding the hours of thought and work that went into their creation. In order to maintain a uniform look for the images, and to give the models a more mannequin-like appearance, Goeie Katoen covers their faces with fabric.

As Fucking Young! reports, the collection takes "inspiration from Magritte’s iconic paintings," and is photographed by Alexander English inside of a workshop.

Image Credit: Alexander English / Fucking Young!