Gobefore Combines Facial Recognition, Social Media and Heavy Drinking

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: gobefore.me & eastbayexpress
If you're sitting at home and mulling over whether to visit your local dive, Gobefore should help you come to a swift, albeit Orwellian conclusion.

Established by handful of Sonoma County venture capitalists, the idea behind Gobefore and its freemium application Gobefore is relatively simple: After installing webcams around popular bars and nightclubs, Gobefore allows users to stream live footage via a free iOS app, giving them an immediate sense of what the scene is like at the venue. If it's empty, you may want to avoid the bar (or head straight over); should the place be packed, hustle up and get there! Although privacy and civil liberty woes are certain to crop up, the providers of the application were quick to ensure that the quality of the footage is intentionally low so as to prevent anyone from identifying patrons.