Taste Republic Makes Inventive Pasta Like 'Plantain Linguini'

Taste Republic is an all-new gluten-free pasta brand that purposefully caters to the gluten-free community with all-natural, flavorful and inventive products.

Some of the grain-free pasta products that Taste Republic will be introducing include Four Cheese Tortelloni, Red Lentil Fusilli and Spinach Fettuccine, which also have the potential to catch the eyes of health-conscious consumers who are interested in meals that are rich in vegetables and legumes. As part of its commitment to allergy control, Taste Republic only manufactures its free-from pasta products in a dedicated gluten-free facility with no shared equipment.

Taste Republic's Plantain Linguini—prepared with a base of plantain flour, cassava flour and tapioca starch—is a particularly innovative product that has been recognized as a NEXTY Awards finalist.