These Gluteal Sculpting Surgeries Help Men Keep Their Pants Up

In order to prevent the dreaded pants sag, men are opting to go under the knife to receive gluteal sculpting to make their behinds a little bigger. Since the 1980s, sagged pants have been popular. Many men purchase larger sized jeans in order to prevent them from being tight in unwanted areas. In the process of getting a size up, the waist becomes too large for most men, especially when they do not have hips to hold up the pant.

Instead of worrying about belt coordination, men are going under the knife to have plastic surgery. This surgery is designed to fill out the bottom, allowing the pants to stay put on the waist. This gluteal sculpting surgery may seem a bit extreme when one could just buy a smaller pant size or make sure to always wear a belt, especially since the price tag for a perfect butt is $8,500.