From Candy Scabs to Sardine Can Survival Kits

 - Aug 14, 2012
This collection of distinctly decorated bandages lets those with wounds and scabs take their mind off their injury by sporting outrageous patterns and technology.

The band-aid has historically been made of a standard, flesh-colored material used to protect injuries. It follows the thinking that it is easier to just cover up the pain so that the wearer will forget about it until it heals. This collection, however, shows that there is a demand for outrageous first aid wrappings. It is obvious that some would rather flaunt their battle scars and wear the band-aid as a medal of honor. Some of the skin accessories that fulfill this need include bacon-strip-identical bandages, acronym-branded aids and light-up wraps.

The injury-prone can rest easy knowing that they will be treated in a style as colorful as their personalities.