The ITClamp Plugs Serious Wounds to Stop Excessive Bleeding

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: itraumacare & ohgizmo
The ITClamp may look like a scary alternative to stitches at first, but it offers quite a few advantages over the latter. Unlike stitches that require a doctor or surgeon to perform, the ITClamp is an immediate solution to serious wounds that anyone can apply. The ITClamp is essentially a sterile plastic clamp that secures to cuts to stop the bleeding and quicken the clotting process.

Designed by Innovative Trauma Care, the ITClamp is the Canadian company’s first product. Inspired by the common hair clip, the ITClamp measures five centimeters in length and has curved needles along the edge of the device to better seal the wound. Although the ITClamp looks painful, it is convenient and easy to use.