These Underpants Bandages by NeatoShop are Shaped Like Tighty-Whities

While the name 'Underpants Bandages' may seem like some sort of repair mechanism for ripped boxer briefs, they're actually Band-Aids that are shaped like fresh-out-of-the-dryer tighty-whities. There is no better way to make a boo-boo feel better than covering it up with a skin-tight pair of drawers that are reminiscent of kindergarten.

The box this NeatoShop product comes in also promises a "FREE PRIZE INSIDE" which can only be some other kind of undergarment-oriented novelty. Perhaps some G-string stitching thread or panty-themed Polysporin to put on the wound right before you slap on the Underpants Bandages. Remember, while these Band-Aids may appear to be underwear, they’re not; so please don't try to wear them if you run out of clean laundry.