This INWISH Glowing Putty is Apt for Kid and Adult Use

 - Mar 5, 2018
References: amazon
INWISH offers a playable glowing putty for the child inside everyone. The squishy toy creates a subdued green light when charged by exposure to a light source. Due to its ambiguous form, the INWISH glowing putty could be used in many ways and can stimulate different cognitive and creative faculties. For example, the squishy toy can spark a child's imagination as it is a fully customizable lump. One can create caterpillars or impressions of faces, without having to worry about stickiness and residue left behind on hands.

On the other hand, the glowing putty is a perfect stress reliever for an adult on the job. Simulating the properties of a slightly squishier stress ball, the INWISH product has the potential to help one calm down, as well as strengthen the hand muscles.