Absolut & Live Earth Campaign

 - Jan 20, 2008
References: www2.absolut & liveearth.org
While last year Italian designer Diesel featured their Global Warming Ready campaign, Absolut Vodka has kicked off 2008 with the Global Cooling campaign.

The Absolut Global Cooling campaign was launched in partnership with Live Earth and kicked off at the Sundance Film Festival.

Global warming is an issue concerning minds all over the globe, and marketers have realized relating campaigns to environmental and climate crisis issues is a sure fire way to grab fast attention.

The Absolut and Live Earth campaign is an initiative to get people thinking about the smaller changes they can make in their daily lives to help the planet. The multi-million dollar initiative will run over several years, spreading the messages in night clubs and bars, retailers, film festivals and private and public venues.

They produced a series of short movies on climate crisis which will be shown at over 70 other film festivals in North American after their Sundance debut. Six of the videos can be seen here.

The "Every Sip Makes a Statement" campaign was also launched and will run throughout the year. Each bottle of Absolut has a code on it, and the company promises that for every bottle registered online, they will donate a dollar to an environmental charity of organization.