Open Ceremony Launched a Pack of Location-Inspired Glitter Sneakers

Open Ceremony boasts a line of dual colored glitter footwear designs that is named after La Cienega Boulevard— the location of the OC's store in Los Angeles. The silhouette is an updated all-over glitter version of Open Ceremony's signature low-tops.

The glitter footwear is comprised out of a leather upper and a canvas lining. The shoe comes in black, pink, amaranth, silver, blue and green. Each silhouette has a differently colored stripe on the side, includes an extra pack of sparkly laces, as well as highlights Open Ceremony branding through logo-embossed rubber soles.

The luxurious glitter footwear is sure to draw the attention of passers-by not only due to its sparkly nature, but also due to its great and accessible aesthetic— a definite footwear add-on to any outfit.