The FilaNODrops Glass Cleaner is Devoid Of Ozone-Polluting Substances

FilaNO Drops is a new glass cleaner that is designed to be fully hydrophilic, meaning that it prompts water to slide off glass surfaces without leaving any residue. This glass cleaner is part of the Fila Green Line range, so it is guaranteed to be completely free of chemicals that pollute the ozone layer, and is only comprised of ingredients that are proven to have a low impact on the environment.

This glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning mirrors, shower cabins and other glass surfaces as well as glazed ceramics. It is exceptionally easy to apply in spray form, and doesn't require an additional rinsing job.

Unlike detergents and bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners can seldom be completely free of all chemicals, but the FilaNO Drops glass cleaner impressively mitigates environmental impact.