This Girl Guide Cookies Infographic Depicts the Biscuits as Evil Monsters

 - Jul 5, 2014
References: medium & foodiggity
If you remember the delicious taste of Girl Guide cookies from when you were a child, this infographic by graphic designer Gemma Correll will make you rethink the seemingly innocent biscuits with her 'Bad Girl Scout Cookies' chart.

The 'Bad Girl Scout Cookies' infographic cleverly turns the iconic childhood treats into comical evil cookies. With a quirky, hand-drawn style and cute cookie graphics, the 'Bad Girl Scout Cookie' infographic remakes several popular biscuit flavors into disgusting and slightly gross ones. For example, one cookie is called 'Drag-a-Longs' and it comes "lightly dusted with lint and cat hair." Another bad Girl Guide cookie parodies the popular mint chocolate flavor with 'Radioactive Mints' cookies that come "gluten-free, with a glowing Uranium core."