The GIGS.2.GO USB are Easily Distributed for One-Time Users

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: boltgroup & psfk
Disposability may not be something that people encourage nowadays, but sometimes they serve a great purpose, which is exactly what the GIGS.2.GO USB does. Somewhere between a piece of paper and an expensive flash drive, the GIGS.2.GO USB allows people to easily and rather eco-consciously give out information without spending too much money. It is especially perfect for such things as business meetings, resumes and portfolios.

Designed by Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup, the GIGS.2.GO USB is the same size as a credit card and boasts a 'tear and share' type of technology. Made out of 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp with no plastic, each of the GIGS.2.GO USB has 1GB of memory. Its cardboard-like surface can also be written on for future reference as well.