This Giant Bike DIY by jsmith259 Will Intimidate Any Four Year Old

 - May 10, 2013
References: instructables
Bigger is always better, at least in terms of vehicles like this DIY giant bike. Created by user jsmith259 of the Instructables website, this crazy bike tank design is perfect for traversing the snow-covered roads and intimidating other pedal-powered bikers in your neighborhood.

The idea for this giant bike DIY was inspired by the television show American Choppers and a neighbor’s snowmobile. The pedal-powered snow bike was built in less than three weeks with the use of three broken bikes, steel tubing, an angle iron, a snowmobile track and several other metal-wielding instruments.

This massive snow bike bike does posses some restrictions to its speed, but speed is a small price to pay for having the aesthetics of a tank.