The Get Drunk Faster Glasses Keeps You Focused

 - Aug 25, 2012
References: thecheeky & hiconsumption
If you are looking to get inebriated quickly without slamming back shots, the Get Drunk Faster glasses will have you feeling tipsy in no time. There are many obstacles faced when trying to reach that pleasantly intoxicated state. Having to set your drink down and forgetting where you left it is a common predicament faced by party patrons.

While these glasses may look ordinary when held in your hand, they have been designed to deliberately fall over when set down. This odd yet ingenious modification keeps you slinging back the drinks to prevent party foul-like spills. Made in Swaziland, Africa, these handblown tumblers are sure to keep the good times going and the liquor flowing.

If you or friends have trouble finishing drinks quickly, hand them one of these Get Drunk Faster glasses to help get the job done.