Antelier Potters Add Location Codes to Their Work

 - Feb 22, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
References: ateliernl & infofork
As locavores and eco-enthusiasts become an ever-growing target market, the origin of the goods that we consume becomes an important marketing tool. To address this reality, ceramicists at Atelier, Netherlands have produced a geotagged line of pottery that correlates each finished piece with its origins.

Resident artists Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink came up with the idea in order to promote the artisans from the Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands.

Implications - There's been a conscious effort among consumers to return to a more naturalistic lifestyle in response to the recent boom of technology. As such, corporations that advertise their wares as organic and environmentally friendly are likely to attract consumers more so than generic products by competitors.