Indiegogo Launched 'Generosity' for Nonprofits & Social Causes

Crowdfunding website Indiegogo recently released 'Generosity,' a standalone crowdfunded website dedicated to nonprofit projects and social causes. Initially, Indiegogo Life was a platform within the website that appealed to altruism, and raised money for medical expenses and personal causes. Generosity is an extension of that earlier project, and marks the site's first standalone affiliate.

The projects that are live on Indigogo Life will be seamlessly transitioned to Generosity. Users and backers will see a similar layout and user-friendly interface. The platform is open to all nonprofits and has partnered with numerous organizations like, 'Positive Planet,' for Syrian refugees and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Although immensely popular, Indiegogo has faced competition from Kickstarter, which essentially offers the same service. Generosity however, is solely focused on charitable causes, which is something that can further differentiate Indiegogo from its competition.