'Generation Screwed' Outlines Ominous Unemployment Rates

North Americans currently live in an age where education and job qualification unfortunately doesn't mean immediate employment, as the 'Generation Screwed: It's Not Easy Being a Millennial' infographic shows.

Created by OnlineGraduatePrograms.com, the cleverly illustrated graph shows how America's newest candidates on the job market, young adults aged 18-24, are more educated than ever, but currently hold the highest unemployment record in nearly forty years. Despite the current job despair, Generation Screwed indicates just under half of recently graduated millennial "still expect to be more successful than their parents."

As a seemingly "screwed" millennial myself, I can attest to how competitive the job market is for recent graduates. As the Generation Screwed infographic suggests, however, with some acquired work ethic and a bit of luck, Generation Y might be able to turn things around and rise to meet the challenges of North America's current economic state.