GE CFL Lightbulb Packaging Encourages Energy Conservation

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: chulgrafik & packagingoftheworld
Earth Hour is scheduled for once a year, but this General Electric marketing scheme keeps energy conservation in the conversation for the other 364 days. GE CFL Lightbulb packaging is one method by which the company can communicate to its consumers, reminding them that using efficient illuminators will make a difference to issues like Global Warming.

This is accomplished first of all with the establishment of a chic brand identity. Chul Lee gave these light globe boxes a contemporary cutout design in the cardboard, accompanied by textured black printing and neon green ink used inside. Straight away, shoppers would become interested in this product. GE CFL Lightbulb packaging then fulfills its second and main task with an Earth Hour information blurb on one side of the carton.