Gaylord The Camel, Geoduck Clam and More

 - Nov 24, 2008
References: radaronline
You may think that any story that involves a half-baked clam, a camel called Gaylord and Sammy the Slug would be of the adult variety, but you would be wrong.

All of these guys are among the worst college mascots in the US. They kind of make me wish we had such creative team supporters in the UK. The ‘Sappy’ Christmas tree for Stanford and Evergreen State College’s Geoduck, the half-baked clam, really are beyond explanation.

In the gallery:

Campbell University: Goofy Gaylord the Camel | Bulbous Blue Blob: Xavier University | Stanford University: Sappy Pine Tree | Simpering Sammy the Slug: UC Santa Cruz