Gatorade 'What's Inside' Spot Demonstrates It Was Part of the Olympics

 - Aug 17, 2012
References: gatorade & adage
Brands that are not official sponsors of the Olympics are prohibited from advertising any kind of affiliation with the games; however, after the restrictions expire and the games end, there's nothing stopping brands from reminding viewers about their contribution to the Olympics, which is exactly what this Gatorade 'What's Inside' commercial does.

The Gatorade 'What's Inside' ad features Usain Bolt, who is hidden behind a black hooded ensemble as he walks through the streets of London. A voiceover explains that even though Gatorade wasn't there on billboards and souvenirs (the ad doesn't explicitly mention the Olympics, but we all know what Gatorade referring to), the company was still "there for real -- inside the bodies of some of the greatest athletes on earth." Then, Usain Bolt reveals himself and pops a piece of Gatorade Chew into his mouth before he prepares for a race.