The 'Gathering of the Psyche' Series by Jen Mann is Ghostly

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: jenmann & beautifuldecay
Canadian artist Jen Mann's latest series 'Gathering of the Psyche' is an exemplar of thoughtful shading. Every piece is cast in a pale grayish-white hue. Whether it is a figure or the background you're focusing on, the color-scheme applies to almost every aspect of each illustration. In fact, looking through the series, the only color which is noticeably different from the rest is the blue of a young woman's eyes.

Ghostly is a word that immediately comes to mind when looking at the series. It is as though the figures depicted are enveloped by a thick haze, pulling them deeper into the fog until only a screen of grayish-white remains. This fading quality is emphasized especially in two pieces: one depicts an old house, abandoned and dilapidated; another portrays a skull -- a quintessential symbol for the temporary nature of life.