- Jun 24, 2008
References: gasbuddy & time
A while back we mentioned MSN's gas widget, but now there's an entire website dedicated to scouting the cheapest fuel in your area. caters to all those drivers in North America (yes, Canada too) struggling with the soaring fuel prices.

In addition to offering tips on the most affordable place to pump in your neigbourhood, GasBuddy offers comparisons of all other regions in the U.S. and Canada and offers neat bits of information such as 10 lowest gas prices by state and city as well as the trend. The cheapest? Tulsa, OK at 3.700, with the trend going down. The highest is in Ventura, CA at 4.607. For Canada, it offers the lowest provincial and city prices, the most affordable being Edmonton, AB at 131.869. The highest is Victoria, BC at 147.406, followed closely by Vancouver at 147.032, both with an upward trend.

To make the most of the site, drivers can plug in their city, state or zip code and GasBuddy pulls up a map of regular prices in the past 4-96 hours, depending which you choose, and in regular, mid-grade, premium or diesel.

Other sites that will help plan your next fuel up are Gas Prices from MapQuest and Gas Price Watch as well as the widget we previously featured.