'Garrison of Moriah' is a Structure Made from 250,000 LEGO Pieces

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: wired & odditycentral
The Garrison of Moriah structure, built by LEGO enthusiast Gerry Burrows, is an almost inspirational structure made of over 250,000 blocks. Imagine building a LEGO structure so large it required its own room to house it! Inspired by fantasy buildings featured in sagas like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, the amazing structure is apparently still a work in progress. Burrows says, "It’s still growing. The bridge isn’t complete, nor is the other end of the bridge. And I’m building a fleet of custom ships."

The most astonishing part about the structure? It required very little planning on behalf of the LEGO master! He made no initial plans on paper or computer, but simply started assembling the bricks.

I certainly hope the LEGO room Burrows set out for this architectural masterpiece is big enough for his still-expanding project!