'Life After Death Quilts' by Anne Brenneke Aren't For Old Ladies

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: todayandtomorrow.net
Is there anything more granny-like than quilt-making?

I used to think it was only a lovely home hobby for grandmothers, but not anymore... I found this amazing series of quilts made by artist Anne Brenneke called ‘Life After Death Quilts.' They are so deliciously gangster.

The quilts are part of a graduation project called "Life After Death" made by Anne Brenneke. I love the vibe and the work that has clearly gone into them. The quilts show images of rap legends Eazy-E, The Norotious B.I.G., Big L and J Dilla.

Now that is what I call re-invention. So much cooler to have an artistic one off quilt on your wall than a cheesy fan poster.