Rare Elements Creates Coins and Tokens That Enhance Game Play

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: kickstarter
Rare Elements create artful, extremely detailed and folklore-inspired fantasy gaming currency that will not only make adventure games more interesting, but is also fit to be cute pocket talismans. The Kickstarter of the 'Forgotten Creatures' marks Rare Element's fourth collection of myth-central gaming currency. Boasting the multi-functionality of the product, the coins can be used as any tabletop RPG, "as treasure, markers, rewards, magic items or, of course, currency."

The detail-oriented surfaces of the coins essentially carry a narrative of their own. From the eerie craftsmanship of the 'Swarm of Pixies' to the majestic iconography of the 'Water Dragon,' Rare Element's fantastical gaming currency can also double up as a artisan necklaces for fans of mythology.

Photo Credits: Kickstarter