Artist Fernando Reza Brings These Game of Thrones Items to Life

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: frodesignco.tumblr & lostateminor
Los Angeles-based graphic artist and web designer Fernando Reza has transformed well-known Game of Thrones items into beautiful cabaret girl-style posters.

Fernando Reza drew these posters in anticipation of the season four premier of the hit HBO series. The Game of Thrones items Reza chose to change into cabaret models are: milk of the poppy, wildfire, and valyrian steel. For those unfamiliar with the show, milk of the poppy is a sort of medicinal plant that alleviates pain, wildfire is an incredibly flammable substance, and valyrian steel is said to be the strongest metal of which the best swords are made of; the qualities of each of these items are beautifully illustrated by Fernando Reza.

With their incredible design, it's safe to say that these popular Game of Thrones items never looked so good.