This Spoiler Filled Infographic Charts All the Game of Thrones Deaths

If your having difficulty following all the Game of Thrones Deaths then this handy Game of Thrones infographic will come in handy.

It bears repeating that this Game of Thrones inforgraphic is based of the books so if you haven't caught up or you're only watching the series on HBO, then caution because spoilers ahead. This infographic goes into incredible detail regarding the Game of Thrones deaths; it doesn't just cover who kills who, but also covers failed murderous attempts, planned kills and even expected kills. If that wasn't enough, this Game of Thrones chart provides you with a ranking of who currently holds the most kills.

The author George R.R. Marting is notorious for killing off main characters at the drop of a hat, however if you need visual proof before you could be convinced, then here you have it. No one is safe.