The Gaia Automatic Composter Creates Soil-Friendly Scraps

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: coroflot & earthtechling
Not every yard can accommodate a heap of decomposing detritus in the name of eco-friendly food disposal, so the Gaia Automatic Composter is a must-have appliance for homes and apartments. And despite the soft look of the ceramic cylinder, this Soonjae Kwon creation is a hi-tech piece of culinary equipment.

If you've deemed your leftovers not worthy of later consumption, you need simply place them into the contraption and select your preferred setting. The gadget grinds, ferments and composts all on its own, all the while capturing released methane and bagasse.

When its cycle is complete, the Gaia Automatic Composter deposits the waste material in the drawer at the base of the appliance. You can remove this container completely to dispose of the scraps on your garden or potted plants.