Gabriela Camerotti's Photography is Swathed in Sunlight

 - May 20, 2011
References: cargocollective & stumbleupon
This phenomenal photographer must live in a permanently sunny setting; all of her captures are incredibly crepuscular, emanating light.

Gabriela Camerotti’s photography collection defines beauty and perfection. The brilliant Brazilian photographer tends to capture young female subjects, all with very natural styles. Their fashions are flowing and pale, and their expressions and makeup are unexaggerated. Camerotti also seems to favor outdoor photography to indoor, often shooting in whimsical wooded areas or leaf-laden lots.

When she does choose to shoot indoors, Camerotti’s shots are taken near wide windows, allowing natural light to stream around the subject. All of her photos are filled with this natural light, giving a sunkissed look to her settings and subjects.

Gabriela Camerotti’s photography beautifully captures serene summer settings.