This Furniture Advertisement from IKEA is Built with a Storage Unit

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: ikea & adsoftheworld
This creative furniture advertisement from IKEA was set up in a clever way to encourage people to visit the store.

For a while, construction in Warsaw left the roads so congested that it deterred the majority of people from making a trip to IKEA on workdays. Even after the road construction finished, the public still seemed to hold onto the idea that IKEA was out of the way. In order to dispel some of these beliefs, IKEA set up the 'Kallax Real Timer.'

These billboards used Kallax storage units that were filled in with numbers in order to communicate the amount of time it would take for a driver to get to IKEA from a particular location. In order to keep this information as updated as possible throughout the day, a dedicated crew was on-hand to frequently update these billboards based on traffic conditions.