This Funny Band Aid Set Features a Variety of Different Cuss Words

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
Nothing says 'misery loves company' like these obscenity-laden funny band aids. This 25 bandage set comes with four distinct swear word exclamations so you can let everyone around you know how much pain you're in. The cuss themed healing agents come in a cute tin for safe keeping.

Depending on your wrath, the bandages escalate in terms of what rude saying they have. From humorous body parts and excretions to full-on F-bombs, you can control how crudely you would like to express yourself. These funny band aids from Fancy also come in different colors, which will help differentiate between the different exclamations.

The cusses are printed in fairly small type, so it's unlikely you will offend anyone unless they get close enough to see it. Mostly, you'll just have people thinking WTF as they pass by.