The 'Fun Portraits of People in Spec with Glazed Eyes' Series by Dayv Mattt

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: & lostateminor
The 'Fun Portraits of People in Specs With Glazed Eyes' series by Dayv Mattt adds a peculiar twist to conventional picture portraits.

Using quirky glasses with eccentrically eyeshadow-clad peepers and bold eyebrows, Mattt arranged for each of his subjects, both male and female, to sport these outlandish glasses. His selected subjects came from all walks of life and ranged from blue-collar workers to cafe-dwelling individuals. What resulted were eye-catching portraits of people who were captured in their everyday workplaces and leisure situations.

With these party glasses as his only consistent prop, Matt gave his muses the opportunity to add their own little spin and stylish take on these party favorite glasses. Proving that these glasses are not just meant for party situations, the Fun Portraits of People in Specs With Glazed Eyes Series by Dayv Mattt adds a comical twist to conventional photography.