Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Cookie Dough is Crunchy and Sweet

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: delish & hellogiggles
The new 'Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Fudge Pretzel Cookie Dough' is a sweet and salty remix on a North American classic.

To replace last year's 'Cookie of the Year,' (sugar cookie with Butterfinger bits in it) Nestle has released this fudgy new dough. With a delicious chocolate fudge base and crunchy bits of salty pretzel, this cookie dough will deliver a well-rounded eating experience.

The pretzel stays crunchy, despite being in close proximity to the gooey dough, while also adding a salty hit. The chocolate fudge base balances out the pretzel and delivers a rich flavor.

Nestle recommends on the package not to eat this fudge pretzel cookie dough raw, as they do with all their doughs. But fans won't be disappointed with the gooey, crunchy result of throwing these bad boys into the oven.