This Fruity Sweet Bread Puts a Tasty Spin on Conventional Toast

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: target & brandeating
Target is now selling a fruity sweet bread made from real blueberries. While toast is a quick and easy breakfast option, it can become a little bit bland and boring over time. This loaf of sweet blueberry bread provides the perfect alternative for those who want to elevate their favorite morning meal.

The new 'Blueberry Streusel Breakfast Bread' from the 'Archer Farms' line is a loaf of white bread interspersed with fresh blueberries and then topped with a sweet streusel. The blueberry loaf similar to cinnamon raisin bread in that it is on the sweet side. However, the addition of the streusel topping gives the blueberry bread a taste that is closer to that of a blueberry muffin. Despite the sweet profile, the bread is light and airy. When toasted, the inside remains soft while the outside develops a delightfully crispy texture.

The fruity sweet bread is the perfect option who prefer their toast on the sweet side.