Blake's Frozen Pot Pies Come in Convenient Serving Sizes

Blake’s All Natural Foods recently released a line of frozen pot pies that are made for consumers cooking for one. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for pre-packaged meals in smaller portion sizes. These single-serve pot pies make it easy and convenient for consumers to enjoy comfort food any time.

The frozen pot-pies from Blake’s are handmade from natural ingredients such as hormone-free meat and organic vegetables. The pies are prepared in small batches, ensuring that consumers only receive the freshest products. Both the Turkey Pot Pie and the Beef Pot Pie are frozen in single-serving portions to make it easier for consumers to prepare dinner for one. As Blake’s President and CEO explains, "Consumers are paying increasingly more attention to food labels and ingredients, and they are looking for better meal choices for themselves and their families."