Mr. E’s Freeze Specializes in Dairy-Free Frozen Banana Desserts

Mr. E’s Freeze is a company that makes banana ice cream, but not in the way that one might expect—instead of making an ice cream that merely boasts the flavor of bananas, Mr. E’s Freeze makes frozen banana desserts.

Whipped frozen bananas and coconut milk form the base of Mr. E’s Freeze's Coconut Banana Frozen Dessert products, which come in flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry and Chai Spice. As well as selling these vegan dessert varieties by the pint, the company also offers smaller pots that make perfect individual serving sizes.

While there are now many emerging non-dairy desserts that are made with a base of coconut, soy or nuts, there is also a demand for fruit-based "ice cream" desserts made with creamy avocados and bananas.