The From Britten PL SS12 Line Presents its Attire in a Curious Manner

 - Sep 1, 2011
References: & hypebeast
The From Britten PL SS12 Collection lookbook is highly reflective of the brand's concepts and extensive knowledge of design. The lookbook was inspired by the brand's knowledge of -- and involvement in -- the design of each product. The images featured in the lookbook look as if they have been copy and pasted in sections to build the models.

Notwithstanding the creative presentation of the From Britten PL SS12 Collection lookbook, the pieces featured in the line include plenty of lightweight outerwear, slim-fitting pants, suits and button-ups. The collection boasts a variety of contemporary qualities and is generously versatile.

Implications - While the quality of a product that a business sells is highly relevant to sales, so is its initial perception amongst consumers. For this reason, businesses looking to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge must be able to portray their uniqueness off the bat. It is imperative that they devise unusual ways to showcase their products.