Friends of the Earth's Recycling Commercial is a Liquid Love Story

 - May 16, 2011
References: vimeo & likecool
Grab the tissues, because this commercial will cause homogeneous heartbreak!

Friends of the Earth's recycling commercial really guilts you into goodness, encouraging the practice of recycling by pulling at your heartstrings. The video tells the tragic tale of two milk jugs who fall in liquid-love at the jug factory. They travel to the grocery store together and eventually get purchased by the same customer. They engage in milky matrimony, and honeymoon on the top shelf of the fridge (the coolest place to be). However, things soon turn sour when both jugs are emptied and need to hit the curb. One jug makes it to the recycling bin while the other falls on the ground and ends up in the trash. They both feel empty and are separated forever.

Friends of the Earth's recycling commercial doesn't simply skim the surface of the issue; the milky movie shows the heartbreaking consequences when individuals refuse to recycle.