Odacite 'Freshiency' Labels Empower Consumers With Best-Before Dates

 - Oct 11, 2009
References: odacite & springwise
While I know the exact day my milk will sour, I have no clue when my face moisturizer will start to be ineffective and unhygienic. (I admit, I didn’t even know that my moisturizer would be anything less than moisturizing!) Los Angeles-based Odacité aims to combat this information deficiency with ‘freshiency’ labels for its skincare products.

According to Springwise, Odacité states that when it comes to skincare "freshness is the key to effectiveness," and so marks each of its products with a ‘Freshiency Date.’ These freshiency labels show the month the product was made and the month after which it will begin to degrade.

Along with freshiency labels, Odacité ensures all-around product freshness by only selling online so that items can be made in small batches and immediately shipped. Since Odacité encourages items to be kept in the fridge to maximize freshness, it also has a branded mini-fridge available for purchase!