These Plant-Based Burger Patties are Sold in the Refrigerated Case

 - May 24, 2016
References: beyondmeat & grubstreet
The popular vegetarian food company Beyond Meat recently introduced the first line of fresh veggies burgers to be sold in the refrigerated case alongside traditional meat products. While there are a wide range of vegetarian-friendly meat substitutes, these products are generally frozen. Now consumers can buy fresh vegetarian burgers the same way they would purchase ground beef.

The plant-based burger patties are being sold at Whole Foods in packs of two. The burgers are all-natural and free from soy, gluten and preservatives. However what makes the burgers particularly impressive is that they are designed to have nearly the same taste and texture as real meat. The new burgers even brown on the outside and stay pink on the inside the same way a beef patty would. For a final touch, the burgers bleed beet juice when cut open.

With more consumers cutting back on meat products, the new Beyond Meat burgers could serve as viable substitutes.