This Cake Features Fresh Basil Leaves and Creamy Mascarpone Cheese

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: mynameisyeh
The Molly Yeh blog put together a recipe for a chocolate cake that features fresh basil leaves and sweet mascarpone cheese. Although basil is used in a variety of savory dishes, it is not often associated with dessert. This recipe uses the herb in an unexpected way by pairing it with chocolate cake.

The recipe consists of a rich chocolate cake, which is infused with layers of creamy buttercream frosting. The frosting is infused with fresh basil and whipped mascarpone cheese. The addition of basil add an earthy flavor to the balance out the overly sweet taste of the chocolate cake. The cake is also finished with a fresh basil leaves for a decorative touch.

The herb-infused frosting puts an unexpected twist on a classic cake flavor.