This French Press Coffee Maker Can Use Any Type of Grind

 - May 19, 2016
References: simplipresscoffee & kickstarter
Jenni and Scott Morse are the designers behind 'simpli press,' a versatile French press coffee maker that can be used with any type of coffee grind.

Traditionally, a French press coffee maker requires a very coarse grind to be used, with a failure to do so resulting in a messy, grainy and taste pallet-offending concoction. The simpli press was modeled with an espresso filter in mind and is able to transition fine grinds into rich and velvety caffeine drinks.

By using a similar filter, the simpli press is better able to capture the specific tastes of one's favorite coffee blend. French press coffee makers have been popular largely due to their convenience, however their messy clean-up and the sacrifice to flavor that often comes along can detract from them. With its revolutionary filter and a built-in carafe that is quick and easy to clean, the simpli press eliminates such negative factors.