The Freeze H2O Machine Simplifies the Process of Making Ice

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: freezeh2o & freezeh2o
Recently, the Fresh Ideas Investment group announced the Freeze H2O Benchtop Nugget Ice Machine on Indiegogo, a project that is poised to change the way the world uses ice.

The idea to create a benchtop ice machine was conceptualized during a meeting, on a particularly hot day, while the team was brainstorming new ideas. During yet another trip to get ice from the freezer for drinks, they discovered that the ice had run out. This led to a discussion on how frustrating this was and how often it happened, not only in the work place but at home The question was then raised: how could this be done differently? And it wasn’t long before the team came up with a plan.

How good would it be if there was a stylish nugget ice maker that could sit in our meeting room, on our kitchen bench, in our caravan or tent, on our boat or anywhere that had access to fresh water and a power supply? And so the Freeze H2O was born.

The Freeze H2O has a stylish, elegant design that is produced in multiple modern colors. One of the challenges the team addressed was portability -- who wouldn’t love the convenience of an ice machine that would produce ice as needed? With an Integrated Automatic Filling Option, the Freeze H2O an be attached to a water outlet, so it will fill itself when empty or alternatively, the reservoir can be filled with fresh water to produce tasty ice nuggets to chill drinks quickly, allowing the consumer to enjoy them faster. By producing approximately 0.5 kilograms of ice every hour, the storage container holds up to a kilogram of ice at a time. With easy one-touch control, users are able to set the ice machine to start when it is convenient for them.