The Freedom Clothing Collective Spring/Summer 2012 Video is Effortless

The Freedom Clothing Collective Spring/Summer 2012 fashion film features model Tyna Kottova being dressed by clothes that seem to have taken on a life of their own.

Clothing designed by Atelier B, Betina Lou, KooCoo, Voyou, Old Weston, The Woodlot, Lime Shop, Larque, Tweek and SLO magically creeps up the model's body throughout the film. By the end, Kottova is fully dressed and, somewhat randomly, dancing with a plush octopus.

Based in Toronto, Freedom Clothing Collective is an eco-friendly, sustainable, non-profit cooperative that fosters the talents of local designers and artists. The majority of materials used are either reused or up-cycled, and the company strives to ensure that all of their processes and energy usage is as sustainable as possible.

The fashion film for Freedom Clothing Collective Spring/Summer 2012 is a strange, but intriguing snippet of how easy hurried mornings would be if our clothing dressed us, without us having to do anything at all.