The (DE)light

 - Aug 28, 2008
References: yankodesign
(DE)light is a project by Cristina Ferraz Rigo that challenges the traditional concept of light and the way we view it. Cristina reinterprets our relation with light by freeing the light from its cage (bulbs and lamps) and 'bringing it back to its intangible essence'.

"Along with this bottle, I have created a set of two glasses that represent a lamp and a bulb," explains Cristina. "By pouring the liquid light into the glasses, the object meaning is given to the light – two new lamps have been created. However, the liquid remaining in the bottle reminds you of its intangible essence – there is no need of a lamp in order to have light. Light remains unattached to an object and able to be placed in any imagined context."

In the demonstration of the project, which you can see in the video above, Cristina uses the 'quotidian gesture' of pouring to attach or detach light to its archetypes.

Trend Hunter has previously featured another cool design by Cristina Ferraz Rigo, the iStick, which you can see below.