Japanese Apples Give Free Dental Care With an Accompanying App and QR Code

 - Dec 22, 2015
References: dentapple.jp & springwise
While some might maintain that an apple away keeps a doctor away, these apples are trying to bring you closer to the dentist with the lure of free dental care. Based in Japan, Matsumoto Apple Association have created a convenient way to give people dental advice. All people have to do is bite into their Dentapple.

The Dentapple comes with a QR code sticker, which also correlates to an accompanying app. Potential patients simply take four bits of the apple, take pictures of their bite marks, upload them to the app and answer some questions about their gums. Within 24 hours they will receive free dental care in the form of professional advice.

While it is preferable to see a dentist in person, this is a cost-effective solution to receive a basic consultation.