Francois Xavier Saint Georges Completes 'Recording Pure Energy'

 - May 1, 2014
References: fxstg & designboom
Francois Xavier Saint Georges has completed his 'Recording Pure Energy' artwork, an experiment that took over six months to complete. The artist gave children a test tube with paper and a piece of graphite stuck inside, so as the child moved around throughout the day the movements would be recorded on the parchment.

It's interesting to see just how different each piece of paper is. For some children, they were extremely still throughout the entire experiment, whereas others were clearly full of energy to the absolute extreme. The piece of artwork demonstrates just how different people are right from an early age, with some exuding an abundance of movement and others being completely satisfied with sitting on the still side for most of the day.

Francois Xavier Saint Georges manages to capture the idea of energy on parchment with Recording Pure Energy. Photo Credits: designboom, fxstg