Boisette Estates Updates to Bio-Friendly Wines and Wineries

Jean-Charles Boisette of Boisette Estates has newly positioned his namesake wine with a new look to signify all the new sustainable changes he has made to the wines and the winery. The wine named for Jean-Charles is now being marketed with a sleek new JCB label which is sure to make the look of the brand jump off the shelves.

Boisette Estates is based on a family of winemakers and is well-known for owning many estates both in France and California. Born in France, Boisette spent many years in America both for college and on family business. In 2011, Boisette decided to market his brand and look of the Boisette Estates wines while focusing on company efforts on lessening environmental impact.

The first step in creating a sustainable force was to focus on cultivating and using organic and biodynamic wine grapes. The next step was to adapt the winery into sustainable functionality. By putting in water towers, recycling and employing other sustainable methods into the Boisette Estates winery, a significant conversion took place.

The last step was to work on eco-friendly packaging with some of the company brands. Now many of the wines use "eco-bags" to keep wines from oxidizing and offering fresh flavor for a longer period of time. With the combination of changes, Boisette Estates has reduced its carbon footprint from 6,850 grams to 68 grams. Now that's progress.