The Fragment Chair Perches Peculiarly On One Back and Two Front Legs

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: davidgeckeler
We know that it is possible and not terribly inefficient to design a chair without four legs, and the Fragment Chair might cause you to question why a tripod style isn't more often undertaken. This quirky seating object stands sturdily upon three legs with a whimsical air about it.

This eccentric piece of furniture was designed by David Geckeler and it demonstrates the effectiveness of aluminum sand-casting technology to create this sort of item. Made of one piece of molded metal, the Fragment Chair takes quite the dynamic form, comprising elements that are out of the ordinary. The backrest and the seat are rather planar and geometric, but they do not take purist shapes. Under the grated bottom is the pair of wacky legs that makes the chair look like it's kneeling.